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As the original Stage Manager of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, I welcome you to my website (I'm still doing music).

I was chosen to handle Stage, Technicals and Logistics in January 1976. It's a great story that will entertain you in the link below, it will open a new window.

I was along for the ride of my life and enjoying every beautiful moment. I have had the opportunity to be in some of the most beautiful places in the Country. It was the faces of the crowds of people that heard the music and felt the band that I will never forget.

I was a witness to History (his - story). All because of a guy named Frankie, with a band called Maze.

History was made.

You can read more of My Story: Here!


From the desk of the We are One Tribute X-Perience Band:

We’d love to meet all of the Michael Burton Productions Music Family!

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We’re Looking forward to seeing you at our next concert.

We Are One Tribute Band Music Website

"ELWarren "Spoon" Weatherspoon Drums!"

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We Are One Tribute Band
"We Are One Tribute Band On YouTube!"


More Great News!

Michael Burton Sr.
Owner of Michael Burton Productions, LLC
will be Handling Groovality Management/Booking.


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The Groovality Information & Booking Website:

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"Groovality Live!"



We work with some great musicians, and I would like to take a moment to thank Paul Branin for bringing Michael Burton Productions, LLC into view of Simon Russell.

We would get a call from Simon Russell as an introduction both to him, his music, and his Band.

Reading like a who's who of the music industry, I introduce you to "Groovality".


Simon Russell Billy Johnson Paul Branin Rob Watson


The Groovality Information & Booking Website!

We invite you to continue to follow our adventure for 2018 and beyond, it is going to get interesting I promise. We have finally made it back home to make this venture one to be reckoned with in the many houses available.

I created Groovality for the Jazz Club Bookers, Private Investors, and Sponsorship Investors, give us a like and fill free to share it.

We're getting the word out, Groovality USA.

Thank You;

Michael Burton Productions, LLC



60 days, 45 events, Michel Bénébig Jazz USA!

Over this past year with all the potential production events, I have tried to make many things happen with regard to Travel, Scheduling, Customer Relation Managers (CRM), Venue Selection, Venue Managers and our Marketing. Some have worked, some have not.

Our good friend Carl Lockett gave Michael Burton Productions, LLC a new jazz focus before leaving on his sabbatical to New Caledonia to play music with Jazz & Blues organist Michel Benebig composer and band leader.

Michael Burton Productions, LLC's new jazz focus came about after talks with Carl Lockett on how important it would be to get the traditional concept of jazz back on stage in front of the lovers and connoisseurs of the sound, and as you continue to read you will see how Michael Burton Productions, LLC took on the challenges of doing just that.

We would get a message from Michel Bénébig days before Carl Lockett even left the United States for New Caledonia about conversations he and Carl had about our operations, our many years in the entertainment business, and how much effort we put in marketing with the many different club brokers in every city and state around the country, man was I impressed with Carl Lockett's description of Michael Burton Productions, LLC, and was even more impressed with our conversations with Michel Bénébig on his coming back to America outline to play jazz at a venue near you.

So I created Michel Bénébig Jazz for the Jazz Club Bookers, Private Investors, and Sponsorship Investors. Then I started calling as many of my personal investors and acquaintances, however, all were vested in other projects thru 2018, but we will not be deterred. Visit my page, give us a like and fill free to share it & it has a number of live performances on YouTube.

Jazz & Blues Organist Michel Bénébig!

We're getting the word out, 60 days, 45 events, Michel Bénébig Jazz USA.

We believe in the "Michel Bénébig Group" and invite you to our new jazz venture!

Thank You;

Michael Burton Productions, LLC

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Jazz & Blues Organist Michel Bénébig

My History Continued:

After leaving the band I continued performing pre & post productions for major promoters across the Country, and for the past thirty five years I have made it a career.

Country, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Folk, or Rock, I have worked with them all, always to show a profit.

With many shows left in me, I decided to see if some "Angel Investor" would be interested in funding more of this production. I believe in what I do.

I have created a 40 minute Power point Presentation that attempts to sell that proposition to anyone interested. Concert Investors Wanted - for "LIVE CONCERT" Productions!

Michael Burton Productions, LLC is located in Las Vegas, NV.

Michael Burton Productions has promoted major shows to well over 1 million paying customers over the years. The company is privately held and is currently expanding.

We are open to new investment partnerships to further accelerate our growth and expand our services.

Michael Burton Productions is a full-service production company, able to provide one-stop shopping for your show. Our seasoned professionals consistently deliver top quality sound, lighting, video, staging, back line and transportation services to a full spectrum of clientele.

I can customize your stage to suit any event. We can also provide covered house mix and monitor positions, follow spot towers, barricades, drum risers, podiums, and skirting.

Michael Burton Productions engages every project focused to surpass client expectations with a commitment to communication, cooperation, and integrity that ensures delivery of exemplary service, first class equipment and fair, cost effective rates.

I can also provide tour management to put it all together. An awesome job under stressful and demanding conditions with high profile artists is how we describe it, but we love it. Our services are available nationwide. I would appreciate your business. I believe in collaborating with our clients to capture the unique production services they seek. I offer a variety of different services, depending on your needs. Numerous factors will determine the success of any proposed concept. My production experience has been called upon for a wide range of projects. Please contact me with your enquiries, I am a PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION company, with over 40 years experience.

This is a partial list of the types of services we offer:

Concerts Festivals Corporate Events Live Recordings
Audio &
Lighting Systems
Tour Management & Accounting Services Tour Buses & Routing Security &
Executive Transportation

Have you ever wanted to promote or participate in a Concert Production? I have created a Power point Presentation that may satisfy most questions you might have.

It's approximately 40 minutes long. All you need is an open mind & be ready to experience the road.

Concert Investors Wanted - for "LIVE CONCERT" Productions!.

I also have a really unique tour information form that lists Multiple Cities for those that are further along with their Production Aspirations. That link is below, I call it the United States Tour Information Form or USTI.

United States Tour Information Form

I can directly access ALL types of entertainers from our huge database which has been collected over the last 40 years of producing 'live' events.

"Sacramento & San Joaquin Delta Recreational Areas"

AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting! - Hyacinth Control & Our Solutions!"Michael Burton Productions, LLC dba AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting"

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AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting! - Hyacinth Control & Our Solutions!

In July 2013, I spent quite a bit of time in the Sacramento & San Joaquin Deltas recreational areas and noticed the place was full of Water Hyacinths and everyone was having problems with all the aquatic equipment that I could see, and I'm speaking of boats of all sizes, jet skis and row boats, the powered craft were scared that the plant would foul the water intakes, and the muscle powered craft had to change location to bypass the large hyacinth mats of plants to enjoy the rivers. Over a thirty day period of travel thru the area, it was happening everywhere.

Fighting the war on the aquatic weed; "The Water Hyacinth".

Keep in mind that there are “NO” simple solutions to this problem, only intelligent options to manage and control it.

Logistics is the management of the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet some requirements, for example, of customers or corporations. The resources managed in logistics can include physical items, such as food, materials, equipment, liquids, and staff, as well as abstract items, such as time, information, particles, and energy. The logistics of physical items usually involves the integration of information flow, material handling, production, transportation, sales, and often security. The complexity of logistics can be modeled, analyzed, visualized, and optimized by dedicated simulation software. The minimization of the use of resources is a common motivation for product, or in this case, resources to help with this water hyacinth crisis. This is what I do!

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"Michael Burton Productions, LLC dba AAAA Hyacinth Harvesting"

Soul Style Sass & Funk - 4 Days of Music 50 years of Soul
--- "One of the Largest Complete Music Concerts in the State of California" ---

"LABOR DAY EVENT - September 2019"

The San Manuel Amphitheater (formerly the Glen Helen Pavilion, Hyundai Pavilion, and the Blockbuster Pavilion), is a 65,000-seat amphitheater located in the hills of Glen Helen Regional Park in the neighborhood of Devore in the city of San Bernardino. It is the largest outdoor amphitheater in the United States. The orchestra, box, and loge sections seat a combined 10,902 people, while the lawn section seats 54,098. It was created in 1982 when Steve Wozniak & The Unuson Corporation completely reformed the land to have a site to put on the 1982 US Festival.
The San Manuel Amphitheater (formerly the Glen Helen Pavilion, Hyundai Pavilion, and the Blockbuster Pavilion) 2575 Glen Helen Parkway Devore, CA 92407.
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The San Manuel Amphitheater (formerly the Glen Helen Pavilion, Hyundai Pavilion, and the Blockbuster Pavilion) 2575 Glen Helen Parkway Devore, CA 92407.
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The San Manuel Amphitheater (formerly the Glen Helen Pavilion, Hyundai Pavilion, and the Blockbuster Pavilion) 2575 Glen Helen Parkway Devore, CA 92407.
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DEVORE, CA - Glen Helen Pavilion in Devore is now known as San Manuel Amphitheater after the signing of a long-term agreement between San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino and Live Nation for exclusive naming rights. The amphitheater is the largest in North America with 65,000 fans able to enjoy any event.

$10,000.00 Offer
Let's cut to the chase. This is an offer I'll make you think about. We all know very important people. Some of those special friends of ours are very special, so much in fact that you will only talk about them to certain friends, these very important people have accumulated much wealth. To most of you that have read about or know about what it is I do, you may not be in the best of financial shape of your life. But there is still hope.

You can't give up, you won't give up.

I've done everything for everyone else myself, and I can't give up either, as I continue to provide Concert Production services, using my own designed marketing as I continue to search for funding outside this industry.

With many shows still in me, I decided to see if some "Angel Investor" would be interested in participating in one of my many shows or productions.

This is where you come in, bring someone special to the table, I'll give you 10,000.00 dollars the night of that Concert.

Everything needed is here Concert Investors Wanted.

"Let's Take It To The Stage".

Michael Burton Sr.

Michael Burton Productions 2010 Promotional Picture

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